I went hiking up at the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest this past weekend, and I couldn't help but think of the Lake Superior engagement session I photographed nearby a couple months prior.

The styled engagement session, hosted by Explore North Workshop, took place in the middle of the afternoon to help us (photographers) master photographing in direct sunlight. You may know from talking to me about your wedding that I avoid sunny days and the hours from 10:00AM-4:00PM at all costs, because I want to avoid squinty eyes, blown-out skin, lose of detail in clothing, and overexposed photographs. That's difficult though when a wedding timeline forces you to photograph the bridal party at 3:00PM or a thunderstorm is threatening to ruin your perfectly planned sunset portraits. 

Thankfully this photo-shoot helped me learn to use trees and natural surroundings as deflectors to the models, and I learned where to position the sun to enhance the photographs. 

TIP FOR YOUR UPCOMING ENGAGEMENT SESSION: Think about incorporating a bouquet or flowing dress to your session! These not only make your photographs appear more high-end, but it's great practice for your wedding day! You can see in the images below that her bohemian bouquet was a natural accessory to make her outfit appear more feminine and match their northwoods surroundings. It's also a great opportunity to see if your florist is a good fit for your wedding!


Nick proposed to Ariel over a fancy, candlelight dinner with the ring of her dreams on Thanksgiving 2015. I was honored when they immediately asked me to photograph their wedding, and we snapped some winter engagement photographs over Christmas. We knew their 'official' engagement session had to be something that properly represented the couple's interest, and boy did we find it!

(NOTE: When I say 'we' I mean Ariel, Nick, myself, and my boyfriend Evan . . . who is Ariel's brother!)

Ariel + Nick love to travel, and fortunately, Nick's job allows them to make a business trip into a vacation pretty frequently. A couple years ago, Nick and Ariel were in New Orleans for a conference and absolutely fell in love with the city. Hence, I was ecstatic when they suggested we double-date to NOLA!

These two were a blast to hang out with, and I look forward to our future travels together (they know where to find the best food)! And, of course, I can't wait until their wedding on October 21, 2017!


I can't believe today is finally the day for Heather + Jeremy's wedding! I've known these two awesome people since we were six-years-old, and Heather and I grew through the school years giggling and causing trouble in art class.

More importantly — Jeremy treats Heather with such respect, and the love is apparent when he simply looks at her. Together they've built a beautiful home, family, and relationship.

Without further adieu . . . let start the celebration!


I was fortunate enough to travel to Salt Lake City, UT last weekend for a rocky mountain engagement session where Kathleen, John, and their puppy Zia, love hiking together as a family. Zia definitely knows who her parents are, because she didn't want to leave their side during the engagement session — too cute! But, Zia eventually found a stick to entertain herself with so I started snapping away. It was hard to stop taking photographs with the creek running down the mountain, the huge pine trees, and such vivid spring greenery everywhere you looked.

Kathleen + John also made the time fly by . . . they just fell into each other as a couple so clearly in love. When I'd tell Kathleen to give John a kiss . . . she'd pull him in close, wrap her arms around him, and cuddle into him just as if they were on the couch watching a University of Wisconsin Badger's football game (Oh, I forgot to mention they met at UW-Madison in the marching band)! I swear this girl is secretly a model.

Thank you Kathleen + John: for selecting me to capture your engagement session, for being such knowledgable tour guides on our mountain adventure, for making me feel so welcome in the beautiful state of Utah, and for the delicious burger + beer at the end of the day 😋