Brittany and Mathias met as freshman at Marquette University where they both lived in the Abbosttsford dormitory. Brittany's first thought of Mathias is that he was goofy, and Mathias remembers Brittany wearing a handmade Harry Potter shirt. It wasn't soon after that Brittany and Mathias had their first date. Kristen, Brittany's sister, told everyone during wedding speeches that Mathias showed up hours early because it wanted to spend as much time with Brittany as possible 😍

As you'll see below, the Joan of Arc Chapel is important to the couple for three reasons:

  1. it represents where they first met on the Marquette University campus

  2. it is where Mathias proposed to Brittany the day after Christmas

  3. it's a reminder that God is great and all-loving

Mathias loves how Brittany is a fantastic role model, and how she values her relationship with God.  Brittany loves how Mathias always encourages her towards her goals, and how he loves her unconditionally. 

As you scroll down and view Brittany and Mathias's beautiful wedding, you'll easily see how much they love each other — and are loved by their family!

Thank you Brittany and Mathias for allowing me to capture your beautiful day!