If you read my last blog post you know that everything I earn through photography is invested right back into the business. So, I was understandably excited when my 'equipment fund' reached the level allowing me to buy a Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens . . . but then I learned of the Explore North Workshop and everything changed.

What would be a better return-on-investment . . . a new lens or a weekend workshop with (2) styled shoots, mentoring sessions and networking with like-minded creatives. If you're like me the second option rings clear with a loud "DUH!"

I clicked register and never looked back. Investing in my portfolio is so much more important to me than having the latest technology available.

Look at the 3 photos below:

I took these with my beginner Nikon D90 camera body and beginner-kit lens (which I'm too embarrassed to share what it was) and just look at the amazing photographs I took! This styled shoot embodied my dream wedding clients, and the industry professionals always say, "You have to show the type of photographs you want to take."

Another huge bonus from the Livingston Inn styled shootStyle Me Pretty published it!

The above is another great example of having a strong portfolio to help my business grow. The Spencer Farm styled shoot allowed me to practice posing, earn experience coordinating a photo session, take more amazing photos and network with other vendors! Can you keep a secret? I used my Nikon D90 again at this shoot but I did have a better lens 😉

Moral of this blog post . . . take the opportunity to earn more experience!

Huge shout out to April Violet Photography as she's the main photographer of the two style shoots above. She graciously let me assist and shadow her.

BONUS: April Violet is one of the main leaders of Explore North!