Redesigning my bedroom has been my main project lately. New carpet. Painting many variations of white. Printing photographs at Artifact Uprising. Having a little too much fun at Target. Stealing my dad's deer antlers, and painting those white too. Lots of organizing and reorganizing. And lastly, running some "why-did-I-ever-buy-that" items to thrift store. 

My tips to you:

  1. Primer is your friend when repainting furniture white. Sand. Prime. Paint.
  2. Recycle. Never, ever did I think my dad's red-neck deer antlers would serve as a wall feature — but as I'm sure you know, antler are very in right now. I also used old, metal doorknobs as picture holders!
  3. Make your bed. Every single morning I make my bed, because it completes the room. I feel more productive and comfortable in my space when it's visually appealing.