I went hiking up at the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest this past weekend, and I couldn't help but think of the Lake Superior engagement session I photographed nearby a couple months prior.

The styled engagement session, hosted by Explore North Workshop, took place in the middle of the afternoon to help us (photographers) master photographing in direct sunlight. You may know from talking to me about your wedding that I avoid sunny days and the hours from 10:00AM-4:00PM at all costs, because I want to avoid squinty eyes, blown-out skin, lose of detail in clothing, and overexposed photographs. That's difficult though when a wedding timeline forces you to photograph the bridal party at 3:00PM or a thunderstorm is threatening to ruin your perfectly planned sunset portraits. 

Thankfully this photo-shoot helped me learn to use trees and natural surroundings as deflectors to the models, and I learned where to position the sun to enhance the photographs. 

TIP FOR YOUR UPCOMING ENGAGEMENT SESSION: Think about incorporating a bouquet or flowing dress to your session! These not only make your photographs appear more high-end, but it's great practice for your wedding day! You can see in the images below that her bohemian bouquet was a natural accessory to make her outfit appear more feminine and match their northwoods surroundings. It's also a great opportunity to see if your florist is a good fit for your wedding!


I'm excited to finally share with you my vacation photos from New Orleans! Ariel + Nick's engagement session took place on the second day of our trip, and the rest of the days literally consisted of eating, drinking, and walking around to explore the city.

Day One:

  • We checked into The Moxy and were immediately greeted with a  skittles-tasting cocktail.
  • Walked down Bourbon Street, ate fried chicken, drank my first Hurricane, visited Café du Monde, drank a café au lait, ate a beignet, walked through the French Market, shared some gumbo with the group, and ended the night playing giant Jenga in the hotel lobby.

Day Two:

Day Three:

  • Ariel and I ate crepes and drank delicious coffee at The Merchant
  • Cemetery and voodoo tour.
  • Another nap.
  • Ate at Channing Tatum's restaurant, Saints & Sinners.
  • Shared a night-cap and macaroons in the hotel lobby.

Day Four:

  • Ariel and I went back to The Merchant, and I ordered a healthy acai bowl.
  • Evan and I went on a mule carriage ride, and we learned more about the Spanish/French architecture. 
  • I used up the film in my camera.
  • We flew home.

Below are some film and digital images from the amazing trip!


Nick proposed to Ariel over a fancy, candlelight dinner with the ring of her dreams on Thanksgiving 2015. I was honored when they immediately asked me to photograph their wedding, and we snapped some winter engagement photographs over Christmas. We knew their 'official' engagement session had to be something that properly represented the couple's interest, and boy did we find it!

(NOTE: When I say 'we' I mean Ariel, Nick, myself, and my boyfriend Evan . . . who is Ariel's brother!)

Ariel + Nick love to travel, and fortunately, Nick's job allows them to make a business trip into a vacation pretty frequently. A couple years ago, Nick and Ariel were in New Orleans for a conference and absolutely fell in love with the city. Hence, I was ecstatic when they suggested we double-date to NOLA!

These two were a blast to hang out with, and I look forward to our future travels together (they know where to find the best food)! And, of course, I can't wait until their wedding on October 21, 2017!


It's almost intimidating for me to write this blog post, because I don't think I can truly communicate how fantastic Camp Wedding was in words. Last week I arrived at Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, WI anticipating to meet fellow wedding vendors I follow on social media, to learn more about the wedding industry, and to explore camp with my camera (plenty proof of that below!). However, I walked away from camp with a newfound inspiration and confidence in myself to be creative. I cannot thank Cherry Blossom Events enough for hosting this wonderfully unique workshop — perfect down to the last camp-worthy detail.

Camp Wedding Swag Bag.jpg

Upon arrival I was given some granola bars, sparkling water, and this backpack full of goodness. I settled into my boy-scout tent and met my wonderful new roommate, Korrine, from Event Essentials. NOTE: I could have spent the entirety of those 3 days at this tent because . . . well, who wouldn't want to stay in this adorable tent overlooking a lake?

I soon met all of the wonderful campers at the main lodge where Lexia Frank photographed portraits and One Fine Day Productions captured this video short:

We jumped right into the learning with a chat about staying inspired as a creative by Jenna Kutcher under a gorgeous canvas tent by Sperry Tent Rentals decorated with vintage pieces by A La Crate Vintage Rentals and beautiful florals by KP Designs

Soon after, El Grito provided their food truck tacos on the beach and I'm officially a fan of sweet potato tacos.

The afternoon sessions included: 

In an honest effort to continue the networking . . . 😉 cocktails continued in the main lodge by Quince & Apple

The first day ended beautifully with a welcome dinner designed by Cherry Blossom Events and catered by Lombardino's. I have never eaten so well while camping! Fresh tomato salad, beef tenderloin, and salted caramel pudding (I almost feel bad calling it pudding because it was so gourmet!) were just some of the family-style meal's options. 

Day One of Camp Wedding was so wonderful. Click back soon to see Day Two and Day Three!


Today I took the day off from work and was surprisingly productive! I edited some engagement photos (Kate + Jordan), ordered some photographs from White House Custom Colour, ran 2 miles with Ellie, cleaned my car, and most importantly, packed for Camp Wedding!

Packing for Camp Wedding with Herschel-1.jpg Packing for Camp Wedding with Herschel-2.jpg Packing for Camp Wedding with Herschel-3.jpg Packing for Camp Wedding with Herschel-4.jpg Packing for Camp Wedding with Herschel-5.jpg Packing for Camp Wedding with Herschel-6.jpg Packing for Camp Wedding with Herschel-3.jpg

I'm 99% sure that I've overpacked, but I had to be prepared for the following . . . 😊

Day One

9:30 am - 11:00am - Arrivals, Check-Ins, Camp Tour – Update your headshot with Lexia Frank and create video shorts for social media with Amy Johnson of One Fine Day Productions

11:00am - 12:00pm - Opening talk by Jenna Kutcher, Jenna Kutcher Photography; Blogger; and Watercolor Artist; - (Staying Inspired as a Creative)

12:15 pm - Food Truck Tacos on the beach Sponsored by El Grito & Explore Camp (re–energize!)

1:30 - 2:30pm - Harmony Walton, Bridal Bar - (Mailbox Money)

3:00 pm - 4:00pm -  Angela Mondloch, Saffron Avenue - (Watercolor Workshop)

4:00 - 5:00 pm - Lexia Frank, Lexia Frank Photography – (Photography for Wedding Creatives)

5:30pm - Cocktails in Lodge by Quince & Apple

6:30pm - 8:00pm – Camp Welcome Party Designed by Cherry Blossom Events and Dinner Sponsored by Lombardino’s

8:00pm - 10:00pm – Gourmet S’mores Party and Campfire Collaboration Talk


Day Two

7:00am - 9:00am - Camp Breakfast Sponsored by Bloom Bake Shop

10:00am - 11:00am - Christi Andringa, Candringa! Productions - (The Happiness Talk; Because I Can)

11:30am - 12:15pm - Yoga on the Lawn: Gentle Flow Yoga with Christi Andringa

12:30pm - 1:30pm - Market Style Beach Lunch sponsored by Underground Food Collective

2:00pm – 3:00pm -  Carrie Moe, Type A Society - (Transformative Imagery and Composition)

3:00pm -4:00pm – Explore Camp                                                                                                                                                

4:00pm-5:00pm – Optional Break-Out: for the photographers at camp or those who are interested in learning about film photography a special break out session with Lexia Frank (Film Photography 101) 

5:00pm-6:00pm  – Session with Amy Osaba, Amy Osaba Events - (Floral Design - Floral Crowns)

6:00pm - 7:00pm - Cocktails with Gib's in Retro Bar 

7:00pm - 8:30pm - Farewell Dinner Sponsored by Celebrity Chef Scotty

8:30pm - 10:00pm – Wedding Dance Party – for all the times you wanted to hit the floor when you were working


Day Three

7:00am - 9:00am - Breakfast Sponsored by Batch Bakehouse

9:30am-10:30am – Ali Phillips, Engaging Events by Ali - (Closing the Deal)

10:30am-11:30am – Katie Selvidge, Cottage Hill - (Get Published: Tell a Story that Matters) 

11:30am - Camp Checkout 


I can't believe today is finally the day for Heather + Jeremy's wedding! I've known these two awesome people since we were six-years-old, and Heather and I grew through the school years giggling and causing trouble in art class.

More importantly — Jeremy treats Heather with such respect, and the love is apparent when he simply looks at her. Together they've built a beautiful home, family, and relationship.

Without further adieu . . . let start the celebration!


Brittany and Mathias met as freshman at Marquette University where they both lived in the Abbosttsford dormitory. Brittany's first thought of Mathias is that he was goofy, and Mathias remembers Brittany wearing a handmade Harry Potter shirt. It wasn't soon after that Brittany and Mathias had their first date. Kristen, Brittany's sister, told everyone during wedding speeches that Mathias showed up hours early because it wanted to spend as much time with Brittany as possible 😍

As you'll see below, the Joan of Arc Chapel is important to the couple for three reasons:

  1. it represents where they first met on the Marquette University campus

  2. it is where Mathias proposed to Brittany the day after Christmas

  3. it's a reminder that God is great and all-loving

Mathias loves how Brittany is a fantastic role model, and how she values her relationship with God.  Brittany loves how Mathias always encourages her towards her goals, and how he loves her unconditionally. 

As you scroll down and view Brittany and Mathias's beautiful wedding, you'll easily see how much they love each other — and are loved by their family!

Thank you Brittany and Mathias for allowing me to capture your beautiful day!


If you know me (even just a little bit) you know I love ice cream. Fortunately, I have a boyfriend who frequently indulges this addiction with me. We love visiting all of the local ice cream shops in central Wisconsin (the best being The Windmill in Tomahawk, WI), but we also love making our own deserts at home — which can be paired with vanilla ice cream 😉

While we were strawberry picking a couple weeks ago, we decided to make ourselves a strawberry pie (since Mom already made enough strawberry jam to last the next 365 days). Below you'll see our beautiful and delicious creation and the recipe!

CRUST: (Bohman family farm recipe)

  • 3 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup ice cold water
  • 1/2 cup Crisco
  • 1 stick of cold butter
  • 1 tsp. of salt

Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Mix with a fork or your hands. Do not blend. You want chunks of butter so that the crust is flaky. Roll between parchment paper (makes 2 sheets of dough).


  • 4 cups of washed and sliced strawberries
  • 1 slightly beaten egg yolk
  • 3 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup cold water
  • dash of vanilla

Stir all of the filling ingredients together and pour onto the bottom layer of dough within the pie tin. Top with the second layer of dough. Pinch the edges and slit the top for ventilation. 

IMPORTANT: brush melted butter on top of the pie and sprinkle with more sugar.

Bake for 10 minutes at 400° and then bake for another 30 minutes at 350°


Earlier this month I attended a calligraphy workshop in Madison, Wisconsin at Revel. The wonderful Mint + Lovely coordinated the workshop to feature Saffron Avenue. I bought tickets to this event for a couple of reasons:

  1. It's been 3 months since I've seen Haley and Emilee (too long).
  2. I've admired Angela (the genius behind Saffron Avenue) for so long and wanted to meet her in-person.
  3. Learning calligraphy was my New Year's resolution, and I always need more practice.
  4. It's been 8 months since moving away from Madison, and I miss this city (especially the capitol on a Saturday morning).
  5. It's my brother's 29th birthday, so I needed to buy him lunch.
  6. Shopping . . . no explanation required.

The workshop was everything I imagined and more! The venue was immaculate — full of white and gold, totally my style. The gathering table was designed so beautifully and a swag bag was waiting for me! My favorite was the dark chocolate from Wm. Chocolate. Revel added the perfect touch by crafting a blackberry champagne cocktail with a 'Flourish' stir-stick.

Angela was such a fun, knowledgeable teacher and her honesty about calligraphy was refreshing. Important take-aways were: posture, angle of the arm, and practice!

Round of applause for Mint + Lovely!

P.S. - I can't wait to share my shopping finds with you in a future blog post!


I was fortunate enough to travel to Salt Lake City, UT last weekend for a rocky mountain engagement session where Kathleen, John, and their puppy Zia, love hiking together as a family. Zia definitely knows who her parents are, because she didn't want to leave their side during the engagement session — too cute! But, Zia eventually found a stick to entertain herself with so I started snapping away. It was hard to stop taking photographs with the creek running down the mountain, the huge pine trees, and such vivid spring greenery everywhere you looked.

Kathleen + John also made the time fly by . . . they just fell into each other as a couple so clearly in love. When I'd tell Kathleen to give John a kiss . . . she'd pull him in close, wrap her arms around him, and cuddle into him just as if they were on the couch watching a University of Wisconsin Badger's football game (Oh, I forgot to mention they met at UW-Madison in the marching band)! I swear this girl is secretly a model.

Thank you Kathleen + John: for selecting me to capture your engagement session, for being such knowledgable tour guides on our mountain adventure, for making me feel so welcome in the beautiful state of Utah, and for the delicious burger + beer at the end of the day 😋


Jacqueline + Jon were officially my first wedding of 2016! 

The day began with friends and family setting up at Rustic Manor 1848. Assorted china, succulents, soft pink quilts, white linens, eucalyptus garlands and antique pieces made venue feel warm and welcoming. 

RAW Beautie and Lustrous Beauty (great job ladies) made Jacqueline into one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen! Her dress from Bliss Bridal was flawless, and Jacqueline wore her grandmother Dorthy's broach on her bouquet. But, my favorite part of Jacqueline's bridal look were her Hunter boots 😊

Jacqueline + Jon had their first look under an outdoor chandelier, and the look on Jon's face was sooo heartwarming!

The ceremony took place in the loft of the barn with live music and Jon's college friend officiating the ceremony. Afterwards everyone congratulated Jacqueline + Jon in a receiving line outside on the sunny patio. The Spotted Cow started pouring and everyone gathered together for group pictures.

The family styled dinner by North Star Bistro was one of my favorite parts of the day, because I could enjoy a delicious meal with my immediate family on my great grandmother's rose china (thanks Jacqueline for being so sweet to invite the Zelenkas!). For dessert Jacqueline + Jon had donated cheesecakes for everyone to enjoy with fresh coffee.

The speeches involved tears, laughs and a creative rap by the bridesmaids. Soon after everyone was itching to dance to live bluegrass music by The Mecan River Ramblers

Scroll down to see everything for yourself!


If you read my last blog post you know that everything I earn through photography is invested right back into the business. So, I was understandably excited when my 'equipment fund' reached the level allowing me to buy a Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens . . . but then I learned of the Explore North Workshop and everything changed.

What would be a better return-on-investment . . . a new lens or a weekend workshop with (2) styled shoots, mentoring sessions and networking with like-minded creatives. If you're like me the second option rings clear with a loud "DUH!"

I clicked register and never looked back. Investing in my portfolio is so much more important to me than having the latest technology available.

Look at the 3 photos below:

I took these with my beginner Nikon D90 camera body and beginner-kit lens (which I'm too embarrassed to share what it was) and just look at the amazing photographs I took! This styled shoot embodied my dream wedding clients, and the industry professionals always say, "You have to show the type of photographs you want to take."

Another huge bonus from the Livingston Inn styled shootStyle Me Pretty published it!

The above is another great example of having a strong portfolio to help my business grow. The Spencer Farm styled shoot allowed me to practice posing, earn experience coordinating a photo session, take more amazing photos and network with other vendors! Can you keep a secret? I used my Nikon D90 again at this shoot but I did have a better lens 😉

Moral of this blog post . . . take the opportunity to earn more experience!

Huge shout out to April Violet Photography as she's the main photographer of the two style shoots above. She graciously let me assist and shadow her.

BONUS: April Violet is one of the main leaders of Explore North!



Redesigning my bedroom has been my main project lately. New carpet. Painting many variations of white. Printing photographs at Artifact Uprising. Having a little too much fun at Target. Stealing my dad's deer antlers, and painting those white too. Lots of organizing and reorganizing. And lastly, running some "why-did-I-ever-buy-that" items to thrift store. 

My tips to you:

  1. Primer is your friend when repainting furniture white. Sand. Prime. Paint.
  2. Recycle. Never, ever did I think my dad's red-neck deer antlers would serve as a wall feature — but as I'm sure you know, antler are very in right now. I also used old, metal doorknobs as picture holders!
  3. Make your bed. Every single morning I make my bed, because it completes the room. I feel more productive and comfortable in my space when it's visually appealing. 


Eekkk! This is my first blog post about myself. I've been meaning to write this since well . . last January when I started my business, but I just kept putting it off.

I complete many creative workshops, listen to entrepreneur podcasts (such as Being Boss) and read dozens of photography blogs. Basically the first key of having a successful business is to identify your ideal client. It's no surprise my "ideal" client is basically myself. Ha!

photo credit:  Emily Steffen

photo credit: Emily Steffen

So, this blog post is for those of you who already know me (thanks for reading Mom!) and for those lovely ladies and gents trying to get to know me better. If the list below sounds a lot like yourself — let's connect so I can create beautiful photographs for you!

photo credit:  Emily Steffen

photo credit: Emily Steffen

  1. I drink black coffee (my tea is plain too)
  2. I shower at night (I don't understand why people showering in the morning)
  3. I currently snowboard at Granite Peak in Wausau, Wi but really want to try skiing
  4. I love dogs (hope to get a German Shorthair Pointer soon)
  5. red and black checkered flannels are the best thing ever created
  6. I'm still driving the first car I've ever owned (a 2005 Saturn Ion)
  7. favorite movies are the new Daniel Craig Bond movies
  8. mac & cheese and raw cookie dough are my go-to comfort foods  (shout-out to my girl Hilary!)
  9. hard liquor . . . tequila
  10. beer . . . Spotted Cow
  11. wine . . . merlot
  12. I actually don't drink THAT much 
  13. I ran a 2 hour 15 minute half-marathon in 2011 without training . . . like at all
  14. hope to run the Chicago marathon someday
  15. I drive 40-minutes to my full-time, day job (but I don't mind because I listen to the following podcasts: Serial, Dave Ramsey, Being Boss, Mind Body Musings)
  16. April Violet is my badass mentor (I wouldn't be where I am without her)
  17. my friends call me "Lady"
  18. it's not uncommon for me to experience a blonde moment
  19. I'm a cradle Catholic and frequently pray to the saints (i.e. - Saint Anthony the Patron of Lost Things)
  20. I did not have the typical sorority-girl-lots-of-friends-and-parties college experience
  21. I'm an introvert
  22. my goal in life is to acknowledge, respect and enjoy the little things . . . such as reading a book, cooking dinner or going for a walk in the woods
  23. Waylon Jennings is the best road trip music for those weekends up north
  24. I'm new (and loving) crossfit
  25. I've never met another adult with smaller hands than myself
  26. I practice Ayurveda 
  27. clearly from the above, I've been a yogi for many years and hope to become a certified teacher one day
  28. I would love to have a large vegetable garden sooner-rather-than-later
  29. I try to eat Paleo 80% of the time
  30. I tend to have expensive taste (i.e. - interior design, clothing, hobbies, etc.)
  31. my favorite stores are: Gap, J. Crew, Great Lakes, Lululemon, Tess + Tricia, Madwell and Sorel
  32. my boyfriend is the best thing that's ever happened to me
  33. if I could turn-back time, I'd go to school for holistic medicine and nutrition
  34. I've lived in Minneapolis and Madison but moved back to the central Wisconsin
  35. I'm horrible at canoeing (ask my boyfriend about our Boundary Waters trip)
  36. if I could describe myself in one word it would be "creativepreneur"
  37. I'm a clean-freak 
  38. a great Friday night consists of a bottle of wine, Netflix and organizing the house
  39. remember Bob Saget from Full House? Yes, I vacuum the vacuum. 
  40. my dream house is a fixer upper in the country with horses and chickens
  41. my parents are awesome and irreplaceable 
  42. I'm a perfectionist and a Virgo
  43. I love to nap
  44. the absolute perfect day would look like: cook a healthy breakfast with a freshly ground cup of joe, walk the dog, work on my photography business for a couple of hours, Bikram yoga, bubble bath, nap, cook dinner with veggies from the garden, glass of merlot and Netflix
  45. my eyes always give-away what I'm really thinking
  46. I love all food — except english muffins
  47. I'm loyal to my family to a fault (Yes, all of the goonies including my immediate, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephew, and in-laws. I hope they don't ask me to jump off a bridge because I would.)
  48. my favorite photographers are Sally Mann and Annie Leibovitz
  49. I will always choose pen + paper verses completing something digitally
  50. my goal for 2016 is to learn calligraphy




I am so incredibly happy and honored to have taken Jacqueline + Jon's engagement photos — and to photograph their wedding in April 2016!

Jacqueline and I (and all of her sisters) used to play at her grandmother's cabin in Woodruff, Wi. More-so the Hatch girls babysat me, while our moms chatted on the lakeshore. Jacqueline has the honor of teaching me how to dive into the lake! 

Jacqueline has always been athletic, so it's no surprise she met her fiancé at the gym. Now these two love-birds are coaches at Crossift262 in Waukesha, Wi. Jacqueline + Jon's passion for health and fitness shines through in their engagement photos at Devils Lake State Park — hiking 15 minutes to Parfrey's Glen was no problem nor was carrying their vintage (heavy) cooler through the sand!